HiBRID High Voltage (HV) Coils

Our unique insulation system combining the merits of VPI and resin rich technology

HiBRID High Voltage Coil Insulation System Combining VPI and Resin Rich Technology - Houghton International

HiBRID™ is a fully testable and flexible system pre VPI, and a fully waterproof system post VPI.

It guarantees the virtues that both VPI and resin rich technology offer, with the drawbacks of neither.

Our experience showed inherent electrical failures occurred inside the slot of VPI machines, leaving a life expectancy of roughly 5 – 6 years.

However, resin rich systems acted in reverse. The life expectancy was longer but the failures occurred in the outhang (coil extension) rather than inside the slot.

HiBRID comprises a hot pressed resin rich cell, scarfed into a VPI accepting outhang (coil extension), providing:

  • Guaranteed slot fill
  • World leading tan delta figures
  • Excellent flexibility
  • All coils are fully testable prior to varnishing
Technical Specification
Description Resin rich hot pressed cell incorporating VPI accepting material applied to the coil extensions
Voltage Range @ 50Hz < 3,000V
  > 3,000V < 6,000V
> 6,600V < 15,000V
Guaranteed Flexibility
Full Corona Protection on Coils > 6,000V
Guaranteed Storage Life Under Approved Conditions  
Tropical Climate Protection  
Guaranteed Tan δ / Tip Up Integrity
Thermal Performance < Class F 160°C
  > Class F 160°C @ > 11,000V
< Class H 180°C @ < 6,000V
< Class C 220°C  
Surge Comparison or Turn To Turn Tested To 2 (U + 1000V)
AC Flash Tested To 2 (UN + 1000) 1.2
Moisture Proof Capability
Oven Baking Required To Cure
Fully Cured Before Insertion  
Tested Before Dispatch