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Houghton International introduces new AutoCoil design software

We have introduced our new AutoCoil design software, utilising the latest technology to offer 3D coil design and slot build drawings for improved design and accurate fit.

AutoCoil extrapolates data sheet information into 3D drawings which can be supplied alongside the quotation to illustrate the design and present a projection view of the cross section of the slot build. The 3D model supports the design process by allowing customers to visualise their coil requirements and improves the communication with the end user, supporting quote acceptance.

Lyndsey Gray, High Voltage Coil Sales Representative at Houghton International, commented: “Our new AutoCoil design software brings the coil design and slot build to life. Clearly illustrating the coil and slot set up, customers can be sure we have fully understood their requirements and are providing the best solution to meet their needs.

“It also allows us to examine the design in more detail and consider any improvements that could be made, the software makes it simple to tweak the design variables by changing the wire size or spacers to optimise the coils and improve the fit.

“Customers can also use the drawings to support their offer to the end user, using a visual and sophisticated 3D drawing to present their solution to give the end customer confidence in their proposal. Feedback from customers has been great so far and we plan to roll this out with all full data quotes moving forward.”

To find out more or request a quotation using our new AutoCoil software contact Lyndsey Gray by emailing or calling +44 (0)191 234 3000.

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