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Inspiring the next generation of engineers at Bring It On 2022

At Houghton International we recognise the importance of inspiring the next generation of engineers. Our field is one of many that is not well known amongst children and young people, so it is crucial to attract young talent to safeguard the future of the industry.

This is why we support Bring It On, the North East Exhibition for Future Engineers – an annual two-day event at Sunderland’s Beacon of Light. The event, targeted at young people aged 9 to 14 and covering the whole of the North East, aims to raise the aspirations of youngsters and contribute to closing the engineering skills gap in the region. Around 1,500 young people attended the event across its six zones: Automotive, Rail and Aerospace; Creative and Digital Technology; Civil, Structural and Construction; Subsea, Oil, Gas, Renewables and Energy; Chemicals and Processing; and The Road to Net Zero.

At the Houghton International stand the first day was all about inspiring primary school children and creating excitemen about electro mechanical engineering through videos, games and interactive demonstrations. The budding engineers learned about Houghton International’s involvement in the supply chain for different types of renewable energy, such as wind and hydropower and found out where they could find examples of motors in their own homes.

On day two we welcomed secondary school pupils to the stand and focused on pathways into the electro mechanical sector, including Houghton International’s apprenticeship scheme, and the wide range of roles available within engineering fields. We also demonstrated how an electric motor operates and helped build their understanding of where motors, generators and pumps can be found and the vital roles they play in keeping the world running.

It was a privilege to work alongside over 30 other companies in STEM fields in the North East and our thanks go to the entire Bring It On team for their hard work.

You can find out more about what it’s like to work at Houghton International and the opportunities available on the careers section of our website.

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