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How to record accurate coil data guide

Houghton International supplies a range of high voltage coils specifically designed for the repair market, including HiFLEX – our fully cured, fully tested, totally flexible insulation system for improved fit, quicker installation and reduced risk of damage.

We have been manufacturing coils for over 35 years and our skilled engineers are experts in high voltage coils and their applications. As winders ourselves, carrying out our own motor rewinds and repairs in house, we know what to look out for and some of the common mistakes that are made when specifying, winding and testing HV coils.

Based on our own experience and our experience of working with other repair shops globally, we have developed a range of ‘How to…’ guides to support our customers in the critical elements of the process.

Taking data for high voltage coils

The first in the series of guides is ‘How to record accurate coil data.’ When placing an order for HV coils, in order to ensure and accurate fit and specification it is critical to ensure that key data points are measured correctly. Badly fitting coils are not only difficult to wind, but may also result in added downtime, poor cooling, partial discharge or electrical failure. Our intention is to work with customers and be proactive from the early stages to ensure a trouble-free customer winding experience – which starts with the coils.

Developed to be used alongside our coil data sheet, the guide is designed to clearly explain each measurement needed, where precisely to take the measurement from and what the critical points are. This is a useful reminder for both experienced winders and those new to the task to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the data supplied when placing an order to ensure optimum fit, improve the winding process and ultimately the performance of the machine.

Our experienced engineers would be happy to talk you through the guide in more detail, offer one to one training and support to individuals or set up an online session with your winding department as needed.

Your can also download our Coil Data Collection Guide and contact us for any additional needs below.

We also intend to host a training webinar in the coming months – please indicate if you would be interested in yourself or someone in your team attending the session. Places are limited so please register your interest.

Once completed, the data sheet information is fed into our bespoke AutoCoil design software which utilises the latest technology to offer 3D coil design and slot build drawings for improved design and accurate fit.  Supplied alongside the quotation to illustrate the design and present a projection view of the cross section of the slot build, AutoCoil allows customers to visualise their coil requirements and quickly identify any inaccuracies or errors in the data.

Further to this we can also offer remote technical support, performance upgrade advice and advice on the most suitable insulation system for the application. Our engineers are also skilled in reverse engineering, where data cannot be provided, we can work backwards from a sample coil to provide a detailed coil specification and accurate fit. In situ winding support is available if required as well as in situ inspection, testing and fault diagnostics to support the entire rewind process.

Look out for further guides coming in the future around optimum winding and testing procedures and if you have any ideas on guides you would like to see, please let us know.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our range of HV coils and support offered please get in touch on +44(0) 191 234 3000 or email info@houghton-international.com.

Download our Coil Data Collection Guide

Our coil data collection guide makes it easy to collect and record accurate stator core slot dimensions.

Download our coil data collection guide

Our coil data collection guide makes it easy to collect and record accurate stator core slot dimensions.

Our coil data collection sheet

Paired with our guide to recording accurate coil data, use this sheet to easily collect and record accurate stator core slot dimensions for your enquiry.

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