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Houghton International wins Diversity in Engineering Award at the 2022 AEMT awards

Houghton International is proud to have received the Diversity in Engineering award at this year’s AEMT (The Association of Electrical & Mechanical Trades) Awards. This award recognises a company’s contribution to the enhancement of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

At Houghton International, we recognise that it is our responsibility to encourage diversity and improve inclusion in the electro mechanical industry and we are constantly seeking new opportunities to promote diversity and inclusion amongst current and future members of the Houghton International team. We believe that inspiring young people through engagement with schools and colleges will help to increase the diversity and inclusion of the next generation of engineers.

We strive to create a workplace culture that values and respects all employees, and our commitment to provide equal opportunities for employment and progression has supported employees in achieving their goals. Our ‘People Strategy’ includes key policies such as flexible working, and maternity and paternity polices, and processes including Personal Development Plans, our Employee Engagement Group, and annual Employee Opinion Survey to support employees and give them the opportunity to shape the future of the business.

Providing training for managers to understand areas such as equality and diversity, bullying and harassment, and unconscious bias helps ensure fairness and consistency across all employees. At Houghton International, we have forged a culture of openness, community, and support.

In addition, Houghton International was also shortlisted for the Project of the Year award for our rewind and overhaul of a 26 tonne Enercon E48 wind turbine generator, which you can read more about here. We were able to repair and overhaul the turbine so that it now functions as effectively as a new turbine. We can offer repair, performance improvement and life extension over replacement, allowing wind assets to operate for longer and generate more clean energy, reducing downtime and saving money.

The AEMT Awards, hosted in Coventry, showcases the very best achievements and celebrates excellence in the electrical and mechanical trade sector.

All of us here at Houghton International would like to thank AEMT for honouring us with this award, and we would like to congratulate all other AEMT Award winners and finalists for their achievements.

To learn more about a career at Houghton International, visit our careers section here, or contact us directly on +44 (0)191 234 3000 or email info@houghton-international.com.

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