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Houghton International sees growing demand in wind power sector

Wind power contributed 24.8% of UK electricity generated in 2020 and at the end of the year there were almost 11,000 wind turbines operating in the UK, many of which have now reached the end of their OEM warranty periods or service agreements.

Turbine owners and operators are now sourcing specialist aftermarket support for their maintenance requirements. At Houghton International we are seeing growing demand for wind generator overhauls and repairs, with owners and operators seeking to increase power generation, reduce downtime and extend equipment lifespan.

Our services are equally suited to OEMs, owners of single or small groups of turbines, and operators and maintenance providers at major, large-scale wind farms. From minor overhauls to full rewinds, we are experienced in working with a wide range of assets, including generators, gearboxes and transformers.

Our team specialises in research & development, root cause analysis, and performance improvement, generating value for our customers by solving technical problems and delivering engineering improvements. Our 3D scanning and reverse engineering capabilities mean we can manufacture replacement parts in-house when spares are unavailable or to reduce cost or lead times.

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In one recent example, our team overhauled a 2245kVA Winergy generator on behalf of a wind generator OEM, a process that included carrying out fault diagnosis, leading to replacement of carbon brushes and bearings as well as revarnishing of the stator to rectify found issues.

We also recently received an 850kW Enercon wind generator for repair work following a report of an earth fault from the generator. In depth inspection, testing and analysis were required to identify the cause of failure and the generator is now undergoing a full rewind. Engineering improvements will be made to enhance the reliability of the generator going forwards. The full overhaul and rewind will be carried out in-house in our specialist Large Machine Repair Shop.

Houghton International is ideally located in the North East of England, with good road, rail, sea and air links. This also places us in close proximity to both onshore and offshore wind farms, including major wind projects such as the Dogger Bank offshore wind farm. Our IECEx and Achilles B2 accredited facilities have over 135,000 sq ft of space, 40 tonnes of craneage and a 13m working height, with scope to handle larger machines through our network of specialist engineering partners. With good relationships with key offshore and renewables organisations including Siemens Energy, NOF and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, we have access to a vast network of specialist facilities and expertise.

As the demand for renewable energy continues to grow, a strong supply chain will be required to deliver quality and cost effective maintenance to wind turbine owners and operators globally. With our experience of delivering long-term, volume contracts and one-off repairs from minor overhauls to major engineering projects, at Houghton International we are well placed to meet the needs of the wind sector in the UK and beyond.

Images showing a turbine overhaul at Houghton International

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