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Houghton International response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Houghton International provides essential maintenance services to companies operating in the healthcare, transport, power generation, manufacturing and water sectors. We support critical industries which must continue to operate in order to keep providing vital services the country needs during this challenging time.

We must continue to support hospitals to optimise their capacity to treat the sick, manufacturing companies to continue to supply the goods we need on a daily basis and help key workers in London, The West Country, Scotland, Merseyside and Tyne & Wear get to work each day by helping to ensure the trains are running.

We are not operating business as usual at Houghton International; we are operating responsibly and adapting our ways of working on a daily basis. Our aim is to work with customers and suppliers to continue to support those that really need us. We have minimised non-essential staff on site, are exercising strict physical distancing and have increased hygiene requirements across all sites in order to protect our staff and support the wider community.  We are continuously monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments and acting in line with current advice.

We will prioritise customers who provide critical infrastructure services and we are actively investigating how our resources and the skills and experience of our teams can be used to provide wider services to support these sectors.

If you have any questions regarding our position or require any support during this time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0191 234 3000.

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