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Houghton International reaffirms Baker Hughes pumps partnership with facility visit

Representatives from Houghton International, based in the North East of England, recently visited Baker Hughes at their facility in Bari, Southern Italy, to reaffirm the partnership between the two companies for the servicing, maintenance and repair of Baker Hughes (Nuovo Pignone) pumps.

In 2020 Houghton International was designated Baker Hughes Channel Partner for the UK and Ireland. The agreement focuses on API 610 centrifugal pumps, which are in operation in oil & gas applications throughout the UK. However, owners of any and all Baker Hughes pumps can also benefit from Houghton International’s access to OEM parts, data and support.

Many of these pumps have been in operation for 30 years or more. In addition to maintenance and repairs, Houghton International can also offer life extension and performance improvement expertise, helping operators to run assets for longer, more reliably and efficiently and bringing them up to current standards.

Houghton International and Baker Hughes will work together to use their combined knowledge and experience to ensure that the installed base of pumps remain fit for purpose, modifying the design and upgrading the components accordingly to improve efficiency, save energy and increase reliability. As an authorised Channel Partner, Houghton International will also be able to support the specification and installation of new Baker Hughes pumps across a range of sectors.

With an ethos of open collaboration and innovation, the partnership aims to ensure that owners and operators of Baker Hughes pumps get the most from their assets through quality support and OEM expertise.

Houghton International is a leading provider of pump services within the UK and Ireland and beyond. Specializing in the monitoring, maintenance, repair and life extension of rotating machines, it has a team of experts in pump repair and maintenance to improve the performance of pumps across a range of applications. Operating from a 135,000 sqft, IECEx certified facility in the North East of England, Houghton International works with customers to offer a responsive, flexible and high quality service for all electro mechanical assets.

Find out more about Houghton International’s pump services here.

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