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Keep up to date with your repair using Houghton Exchange

Customers can now keep up to date with their repairs via our new Houghton Exchange video communication platform.

Houghton Exchange enables live work in progress updates, visual diagnostic reports and live test results to be communicated via video link, speeding up the repair process and reducing any associated downtime.

Simply click on the link, sent via email from the engineer working on your repair, and stream the video online at your convenience.

Houghton Exchange also works great off-shore or harder to access areas meaning we can show you exactly what is wrong with your motor without you having to travel to site, saving time and travel costs. You can also see your repaired motor up and running in our facility before we send it back to you, giving you extra confidence it will run without fault when re-commissioned.

To find out more or to request a video update on your next job simply speak to your account manager when you place your order.

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