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Patent granted for HiTRANS

Specialist traction motor and Motor Alternator set repairer Houghton International have had a patent granted for HiTRANS™, its transient dynamic Motor Alternator Set test process that electrically simulates full load conditions on any type of MA Set.

HiTRANS is now protected by UK Patent No 2494369

“Many of our customers were experiencing major issues with their MA Sets. MA Sets were being returned from other repairers and failing almost immediately in service. As a result, we were asked to develop a solution that ensured every MA Set we repaired would work under full load conditions first time, every time so reducing maintenance and life-cycle costs.

HiTRANS, replicates exactly what happens in service, which means that the unit has been tested at full working load before it leaves our facility. We believe that we are the first company in the world capable of simulating exactly the electrical load conditions both through the MA Set controller and the incoming electrification and we plan to develop a licensing programme to make the technology available internationally”

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