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Northumbrian Water
Dyke Nook

On the 22nd of December, during a period of particularly bad weather and the run up to Christmas fast approaching, Northumbrian Water suffered a failure at a key water transfer station, jeopardising the security of water supply to customers over the Christmas period.


Issues were detected on a 150kW KSB submersible multistage pump in operation at Dyke Nook. It was vital that Northumbrian Water had a working spare pump for use during this period. The spare pump and motor unit were sent to Houghton International for testing. Aware of the criticality of the unit, a team from Houghton International worked to get the pump back in action in time for Christmas.


The unit was disassembled and stripped down. Our facility is designed for large assets with a 13 metre working height in-build cranage, capable of holding up to 40 tonnes, enabling us to remove the pump from its metal cannister vertically. Two power cables, which ran from the motor, through an adapter plate could not be sourced quickly enough so our team split the cables in the canister and made new complete cables.


The unit was reassembled, filled with water and submerged at the cable joint for testing. It was then left to stand in water for 12 hours before being retested to ensure no water ingress had occurred. The unit was returned to Northumbrian Water in time for Christmas. The faulty pump was then sent to Houghton International for repairs, leaving Northumbrian Water with 2 fully operational pumps, safeguarding the area’s water supply.

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