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Project: Siemens 600kW motor coils


Houghton International manufactured stator coils for a large motor in Ireland.

The challenge

Houghton International was awarded a contract from Avonmore Electrical to manufacture 48 high voltage stator coils for a Siemens 600kW motor rated at 6.6kV.

The solution

Houghton International manufactured 48 HiVAX coils (plus one spare coil) to Avonmore Electrical for this project. The following processes were undertaken throughout manufacturing:

  • All coils were manufactured using a bare wire size of 4.45mm x 2mm
  • All coils were manufactured with 10 turns each
  • All coils were insulated for use at 6,600 volts
  • All coils were Interturn tested at 14,200 volts
  • All coils were insulated with VPI accepting material
  • All copper used was insulated to suit 6,600 volts

Why Houghton International

HiVAX Vacuum Pressure
Impregnation (VPI) insulation system
Consistent fit of coils manufactured by Houghton International
Short lead time

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The Results

VPI technology offers a range of benefits compared to resin rich systems, including improved sealant against moisture ingress and greater heat dissipation. VPI technology also works at higher ambient temperatures if a silicone-based resin is used for impregnation.

Prior to dispatch, all coils were Quality Assurance checked and supplied with a winding kit to ensure that the completion of the rewind process can be carried out easily and safely by the customer. All coils were delivered to the customer in a foil vacuum sealed bag system inside a moisture proof wooden crate to ensure excellent protection throughout transit.

“Avonmore have been rewinding High Voltage Machines for over 20 years with no failure. The reliability of the coils is non-negotiable – they must be right.

“We came across Houghton International through our membership of EASA. We recently moved from a long-standing supplier based on price, but more importantly, reassurance that quality would be right.

“We have now used 3 sets of HiVAX™ preformed coils for a Siemens 600kW motor rated at 6.6kV and the feedback from the winders is excellent. The coil fits are excellent, with technical back-up to match. Paperwork is thorough, and delivery times have been on time. We congratulate Michael and his team on a great service.”

Derry Sheehan, Avonmore Electrical

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