Using our electro mechanical expertise to solve problems and develop new products

Innovation drives our business and is at the heart of everything we do at Houghton International. From developing specialist coil insulation systems for optimum performance to coming up with new ways to test components are fit for purpose, our skilled engineers work with customers to come up with bespoke solutions to their specific issues.

Our specialist electro mechanical expertise and continual innovation enables our core business to be focused around working in partnership with customers to provide timely, reliable, technical solutions that improve the performance and reliability of their services, saving technical, maintenance and replacement costs and reducing the commercial, regulatory and PR cost of failure.

We also strive to be at the forefront of new technology when it comes to developing new products and work with customers to create new solutions and specialist coils that operate in adverse conditions.

Over the years we have worked with multiple customers, across various industries, on several ‘top secret’ projects to develop specialist coil insulation systems to enable motors and generators to operate in unlikely locations. These include under water (both tidal power generation and subsea), in tropical climates, at high altitudes and up in the air, underground, submerged in oil and at sea.

We are yet to come up against a problem that our highly skilled engineers haven’t had a go at solving and we are excited to see where our continuous innovation takes both our business and the electro mechanical engineering field. Keep an eye out on our projects page for details of recent projects (we will tell you about them as soon as we can…).

New product and service developments include:

  • HiFLEX™ Our world leading, fully tested, totally flexible, insulation system
  • HiTRAX™ Our insulation system for life extending traction motors
  • HiTRANS™1 Our patented transient dynamic motor alternator (MA) set test process


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HiTRAX Traction Motor Life Extension Insulation System - Houghton International

HiTRANS Transient Dynamic Motor Alternator Set Test Process - Houghton International