Motors: The Proactive Approach To Voltage Unbalance – EASA article

EASAIt’s impossible to balance line-to-line voltages perfectly in three-phase circuits, so they typically differ by a few volts or more. However, if voltage unbalance exceeds 1%, it can markedly decrease the performance and energy efficiency of three-phase motors while increasing the likelihood of premature failure. Avoiding these issues requires a proactive approach that includes installing adequate protective devices and periodically checking for voltage unbalance at the motor terminals.

The article covers:
◾What it is
◾Common causes
◾Effects of unbalanced voltage
◾Testing for unbalanced voltages and single-phasing
◾Ways to correct unbalanced voltages

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Publication: Engineered Systems
Publication date: June 2016
Author: Tom Bishop, P.E., EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist

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