2015 customer satisfaction survey feedback

Customer feedbackThanks to all of our customers who completed our satisfaction survey.

When completing the survey, customers told us that:

  • They rate us highly when it comes to quality!
    • 92% of respondents rated our quality as above average
  • They think our staff are awesome
    • 96% of respondents rate our staff as highly knowledgeable
    • 100% of respondents agreed there was always someone available when needed
  • Overall they think we are doing a good job!
    • 92% of respondents are very or somewhat satisfied
    • 96% of respondents are likely to buy from us again

We are very pleased to hear that overall customers seem very happy with the products and services we provide, however we do take comments on board regarding improving our lead times, in some areas, and are working on putting new processes in place to make this happen.

Of course, we also endeavour to be competitive on costs and, where possible, will always try to work with customers to offer a solution that meets specification and delivery requirements that fits with your budget. Our team are great at coming up with innovative solutions to problems and are always on hand to discuss your requirements and your budget.

Overall our net promotor score was 50 – which is pretty respectable. This means that almost all of the customers surveyed would recommend us to a friend or colleague (we are working hard to make this 100%).

You don’t have to wait until the annual survey to give us feedback, you can speak to your sales contact at any time or contact our CEO directly on +44(0)191 234 3000 or michael.mitten@houghton-international.com should you wish to.